Water Cooling Reactor

    1. Tube Water Cooling ReactorThe winding of our water cooling reactor is made of hollow copper tube in which heat is exported with the coolant (pure water of mixed liquor). The coolant is well-conducted with ...
    1. Plate Water Cooling Reactor Water cooling plate of our plate water cooling reactor is equipped inside the reactor. The heat generated by the reactor is exported with coolant inside the cooling plate. The reactor is ...

Water Cooling Reactor

Features of Water Cooling Reactor
1. Water way of this water cooling reactor is made of stainless steel with high intension and excellent anti-corrosion performance. It could last for 20 years.
2. The interface of pipe is greatly enhanced to prevent the leakage of cooling medium. The maximum working pressure is 10BAR.
3. The diameters of the pipe are 6mm (interior) and 8mm (exterior) with a flow rate of 19L/minute. It is very efficient in cooling the reactor.
4. A series of 8 waterways (4 inputs, 4 outputs) are equipped with this reactor. The inputs and outputs are separately connected to a water swivel, which is a stainless steel pipe thread. We can provide G3/8, G1/2, G1/4 pipe thread or other customized pipe thread upon request.

Parameters of Water Cooling Reactor
1.Cooling Method: Water Cooling Water Pressure: 4.0 bar Water
Flux: 16L/MIN
2. Temperature Class: Class H
3. Inductance: 0.09mH±5%
4. Rated Current (RMS): 1330A/phase
5. Ripple Current: < 40A (peak value), Frequency: 3 kHz
6. Fundamental Frequency: 50Hz
7. Three phases, Max inductance difference between phases < 2%
8. Switching frequency of Inverse Bridge: 3kHz
9. Voltage waveform between phases: 3 kHz PWM pulse voltage, peak
10. Max. dv/dt: 3000v/μS
11. Overload capacity: 105%(Continuous), 110%(30 min),150%
a.No saturation during overload, while inductance vibrate less than 10%;
b.Winding coils & Core temperature rise <100℃;
12. Temperature Rise: < 80℃
13. Dielectric Strength: AC3500V/50Hz/10mA,1min
14. Insulation Resistance: >10MΩ(DC1000V)
15. Noise Class: < 65dB (to be measured at the point 1meter away from the reactor horizontally)
16. Protection Class: IP00
17. Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃
18. Working Temperature: -30℃~55℃, derating above 50℃
19. Application altitude: Rated Current below 1000 Meters, derating 1% per 100 meters above 1000meters

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