1. EMI Filter3 Phase NFI / NFO is a kind of filter with good interference rejection capability. It could be applied to output terminal of inverters and frequency conversion equipment to ...
    1. Power Filter Power filter is provided with excellent common mode and different mode attenuation performance. It could be applied to most of the digital equipment, ...
    1. Sine Wave Filter Our sine wave filter adopts foil winding structure. It features low DC resistance, high anti-electromagnetic performance, and large short-term overload capacity. ...


a filter can also be referred to as a frequency-selective device. they are designed to transmit alternating currents that are of desired frequencies while removing all other unwanted frequencies. the frequencies that are passed are referred to as passband while those that are stopped as stopband.

Working Principle
3d奖金对照表 Filters change the amplitude of signal to block unwanted signals and allow the required signals to be transmitted.

Filters can be classifies as follows:
1. According to technology - such as passive filters, active filters, digital filters, single element and multiple element filters, atomic filters, surface acoustic wave filters, bulk acoustic wave filters, garnet filters, among others.
2. By relationship of frequencies selectively passed to those that are blocked –
a. High pass filter - block all frequencies below a specified cutoff frequency.
b. Low pass filter - block frequencies above a specified cutoff frequency.
c. Band pass – passes a particular range of frequencies while rejecting other frequencies outside that range.
d. Band rejection – reject a certain range of frequencies while allowing all other frequencies to pass.
3. By design methodology – such as direct circuit analysis, image impedance analysis, network synthesis.
4. Digital filters – here, the signal is converted to numbers and an output stream of numbers is calculated by a computer program. A digital to analog converter is then used to convert the numbers to a signal.

Power filters
Power filters are easy to set up and cheap to maintain. They protect against electrical noise interference and damaging power surges and spikes.

Three phase filters
They can be mounted on DIN rails and are suitable for applications that have limited space allowance. They are suitable for applications that require low leakage current and are easy to install.

Sine wave filters
3d奖金对照表 They are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference by removing dV/dT which is associated with output waveforms. They also function to eliminate motor insulation failure problems.

In electronic systems, filters carry out the function of emphasizing signals in certain frequency ranges while rejecting those in other frequency ranges.

Filters are widely used in communication systems whether over wire, optical fiber or free space. During communication, unwanted signals and noises are introduced along the communication path and the filters are used to separate these unwanted signals from the desired ones. They are used in telephones, radios, equalizers, crossover networks, tweeters, amplifiers, generators, switching power supplies, and electro-medical equipment.

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