Braking Unit

    1. DBU (AC 200V~AC 300V) synchronous signal: Parallel operation is available; 2 or 3 units are recommended
      Radiator overheat: Temperature switch: +85℃ ...
    1. DBU (AC 380V~AC 460V) Braking Activation Voltage (V): DC630/DC660/DC690/DC730/ DC760V±16V
      Maximum hysteresis: About 16V ...
    1. DBU (AC 540V~AC 740V)Ambient temperature: -10℃~+40℃ (No frost)
      Storing temperature: -10℃~+50℃
      Humidity: 90%RH (No dew)
    1. DBU (AC 1100V~AC 1200V)Power on:When there is voltage (above 50V) input on the terminators of dc BUS on PCB, the red "POWER" LED will be on

Braking Unit

Braking unit is particularly suitable for the applications where fast braking is required.
During the process of decelerating, regenerative energy flows from the motor into the inverter DC bus and results in increased bus voltage. Braking unit is used to convert the regenerative energy into heat and maintain the voltage of DC bus. It could improve braking performance and shorter deceleration time.

Features of Braking Unit
1. Our braking units could use average resistance, not necessary to be non-inductive resistance.
2. Our braking units could be applied for parallel operation.

Chopping Voltage for Different Braking Units
Braking unit Chopping Voltage
Braking unit for inverter 200V 380V
Braking unit for inverter 400V 630V~760V
Braking unit for inverter 600V 1000V~1150V
Braking unit for inverter 1200V 1750~1900V
Model Rated Current
Max. Current (A) Chopping Voltage (V) Hole Diameter Terminal Weight
Wiring (mm2)
DBU-4030 15A 50A DC630V/DC660V/DC690V/DC730V/DC760V φ6 M4 2.3 4-6
DBU-4045 25A 75A DC630V/DC660V/DC690V/DC730V/DC760V φ6 M4 2.3 4-6
DBU-4220 80A 300A DC630V/DC660V/DC690V/DC730V/DC760V φ8 M8 11.6 16-36
DBU-6220 80A 300A DC1000V/DC1050V/ DC1100V/ DC1150V/ DC1200V φ8 M8 11.6 16-36
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